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Forensic Laboratory Specialist VI – Division of Technical Services

FORENSIC LABORATORY SPECIALIST VI Division of Technical Services Position # CF550 Salary Range: $42,614 – $96,134 (Expected hiring rate is in the lower bottom third of the range) Location: Richmond, VA The Department of Forensic Science is seeking a qualified applicant to work full-time in the Division of Technical Services. Duties include performing method development […]

How do I apply for an unpaid internship?

DFS’ primary mission is to perform forensic laboratory analyses and it generally does not have staff available to handle the training of forensic science students.  Our four regional laboratories, however, occasionally have some limited opportunities for unpaid internships.  The Department routinely receives a large number of requests from students to perform internships for the limited […]

Employment Opportunities

All positions in recruitment are listed under the “Job Openings” tab above and are posted on the state’s Recruitment Management System (RMS) website at: Job postings for classified (salaried) and wage (part-time hourly) positions are advertised for a minimum of five (5) working days. Each job advertisement includes the title, department, pay range, and […]

How do I get a job in forensic science?

The Department of Forensic Science employs forensic scientists who examine and analyze crime scene and other evidence submitted by investigating law enforcement authorities and the medical examiner’s office.  The scientists issue written reports  and testify in court regarding the outcome of their scientific analyses.  DFS forensic scientists rarely, if ever, visit an actual crime scene.  […]