DFS Policy Notices

DFS Policy Notices

The Department of Forensic Science periodically disseminates policy notifications to all agencies served. Such notifications can be found below.

Policy Notices 

DFS Revised Controlled Substances Submission and Weighing Policies – December 1, 2017

DFS Policy Notice – “Trace” DNA Submission Policy Revised – June 9, 2017

Notes: “Trace” DNA was previously referred to as “Touch” DNA. All other DNA submission policies remain unchanged, but are restated in this Notice for convenience.

DFS Policy Notice – Triaging of Physical Evidence Recovery Kit (PERK) Testing to Expedite Analysis – March 29, 2017

DFS Policy Change – New DUI Law and Corresponding Revisions to Process for Handling Blood Samples in Search Warrant DUI Cases – March 16, 2017

Revisions to Collection Time Periods for Physical Evidence Recovery Kit (PERK) Samples – effective September 16, 2016

DFS Policy Change – Revised Reporting Practices for Previously Unidentified Latent Prints with Subsequent Potential Identification through AFIS – effective June 15, 2016

DFS Policy Change – DUI/DUID Testing Protocol for Blood Samples in Implied Consent Cases – effective May 31, 2016

DFS Policy Change – NIBIN Association Reporting – effective July 9, 2015

Service Restoration Notices 

Restoration of Trace Evidence Services in Explosives and Primer Residue (Gun Shot Residue) – effective July 1, 2016

Restoration of Video Analysis Services – effective June 23, 2015

Service Reduction Notices 

Elimination of Questioned Documents Services – effective October 14, 2016

Reduction of Trace Evidence Services – effective November 5, 2014 (services partially restored on July 1, 2016)

Reduction of Forensic Photography Services – effective November 4, 2014

Reduction of Digital and Multimedia Evidence Services – effective November 4, 2014 (services partially restored on June 23, 2015)

Evidence Submission Policies

Submission Policy for Plant Material in Simple Possession of Marijuana Cases – effective January 1, 2015


Submission Policy for Safe Packaging of Syringes – effective April 17, 2013

Submission Policy for Familial DNA Searching – effective March 9, 2011

Submission Policy for Drug Residues – effective July 1, 2005