Forensic Scientist – Latent Prints – Central Laboratory

Latent Prints Section
Position #CF670
Salary Range: $52,676 – $88,123
Richmond, VA

The Virginia Department of Forensic Science is seeking a court qualified applicant to perform a full range of functions to recover and examine latent finger, palm, foot prints and shoe and tire impressions for identification purposes. The work location will be in our Central Laboratory, located in Richmond. The Forensic Scientist will process evidence submitted to the Latent Print Section utilizing various chemical and physical techniques for the development of friction ridge, footwear and tire impressions. He/she will utilize various light sources to examine evidence for the detection of impressions. The examiner will also use digital capture equipment to record impressions developed. The selected candidate will be responsible for utilizing sound judgment on the application of correct sequential processing procedures and also be proficient at mixing various reagents in compliance with standard operating procedures. The Forensic Scientist will document, evaluate, analyze and preserve evidence and utilize various comparison techniques while maintaining the chain of custody. He/she will conduct computerized database searches, as well as update databases as necessary. The successful applicant will utilize methods and equipment to enhance latent print, footwear and tire track evidence. In addition, he/she will compose and/or complete reports and provide documentation of analysis, provide information to investigators and transport evidence and/or property to storage locations. The Forensic Scientist will also testify as an expert witness. Overnight travel is required and employee will provide own transportation as required.

Qualified candidates must have completed a documented training program and/or demonstration of competency in at least one of the following disciplines:
1. Latent Prints analysis or
2. Shoe and Tire Track analysis

Candidates who qualify in only one discipline will be required to successfully complete an in-house training program in their unqualified discipline.

Required qualifications:
• Bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year college or university
• Successful completion of a documented forensic scientist latent print and/or shoe and tire track training program and/or demonstration of competency in the examination of latent finger, foot, palm prints, and/or shoe and tire track evidence
• Experience with fingerprint pattern recognition, comparing latent prints with known finger, foot, and palm prints, developing latent prints on physical evidence, obtaining prints from bodies and/or comparing questioned footwear and tire track impressions with known standards, and the development and recovery of impressions on evidence
• Experience documenting observations, writing reports, preparing exhibits of evidence for court and precisely explaining and defending scientific results
• Knowledge of laboratory safety and QA/QC procedures
• Ability to maintain accurate records, analyze and interpret data, manage multiple tasks efficiently, establish work priorities, and develop sound conclusions from comparisons
• Valid driver’s license and/or other means of reliable transportation

Preferred qualifications:
• Bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited four-year college or university with major course work in forensic science, natural science, physical science or closely related field
• Certification as a Latent Print and/or Footwear Examiner by the International Association for Identification (IAI)
• Experience using systems such as AFIS and/or NGI and footwear databases
• Experience using the Mideo Systems Latent Works software and conducting on-screen comparisons of latent prints to known exemplars
• Experience in latent print, footwear and tire track photography, including technical experience with filters, light sources, and Adobe Photoshop
• Work experience in an ANAB accredited forensic science laboratory
• Involvement with ASCLD/LAB accreditation criteria
• Experience in forensic related teaching/training

If a fully qualified candidate cannot be found, a Forensic Scientist trainee position may be offered at a salary of $44,472. Candidate will be expected to successfully complete the Latent Prints and Footwear and Tire Track evidence analysis training programs that include courtroom testimony as an expert witness, performing imaging procedures and operation of analytical instrumentation. The Trainee must meet the educational requirements stated in the qualifications. Preferred qualifications include:
• Experience in an accredited laboratory (working and/or internship)
• Experience in the comparative sciences (i.e. Latent Prints, Footwear and Tire Track, Firearms, etc.)

If you are a current Commonwealth of Virginia employee, this position requires that a new probationary period be served.

Selected candidates must provide a DNA sample via a buccal swab (saliva sample), be fingerprinted, drug tested, and pass a security background check

Applicants must apply electronically using the State of Virginia’s Recruitment Management System (RMS) by March 23, 2018. The RMS can be accessed using the link: Contact Julie Smith at (804)588-4053 for assistance.