Latent Prints Section Supervisor – Central Laboratory

Position CF384
Salary: $88,599 – $113,077
Richmond, VA

The Virginia Department of Forensic Science, Central Laboratory, is seeking a qualified individual to supervise technical staff and the day-to-day operations of the Latent Prints Section, to include management of the section’s backlog and compliance with accreditation standards, as well as state and Department policies and procedures. In addition, the Section Supervisor will independently perform comprehensive scientific analyses on a diversity of evidence submitted by law enforcement agencies; to recover and examine latent finger, palm and foot prints for identification purposes using state-of-the-art knowledge of methodologies, techniques and instrumentation related to the analysis of latent prints. Other duties include: preparing reports of findings for use by the criminal justice system and testifying in court as an expert witness; communicating with medical and legal officials concerning testing procedures, results, and conclusions; and instructing law enforcement officials on the handling of evidence. Requires some travel.

Required qualifications:
• Bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year college or university
• Successful completion of a documented forensic scientist latent print training program and demonstration of competency in the examination of latent finger, foot and palm prints
• Significant experience as a Forensic Scientist qualified in Latent Prints examinations
• Knowledge and skill in fingerprint pattern recognition, comparing latent prints with known finger, foot, and palm prints, developing latent prints on physical evidence, and obtaining prints from bodies
• Experience using basic laboratory equipment and analytical instrumentation
• Work experience with courtroom testimony as a latent prints expert and skill in preparing exhibits of evidence
• Ability to communicate effectively in a clear and concise manner, both verbally and in writing, and defend scientific findings in court
• Knowledge of laboratory safety and QA/QC procedures
• Familiarity with ASCLD/LAB accreditation criteria
• Ability to maintain accurate records, analyze and interpret data, manage multiple tasks efficiently, establish work priorities, and develop sound conclusions from analyses
• Must be eligible to possess a valid driver’s license or have other means of reliable transportation

Preferred qualifications:
• Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in forensic science, natural science and/or physical science
• Certification as a Latent Print Examiner by the International Association for Identification (IAI)
• Knowledge and skill in tire and footwear impressions pattern recognition and analysis
• Work experience using systems such as AFIS and/or NGI
• Work experience using the Mideo Systems Latent Works software and conducting on-screen comparisons of latent prints to known exemplars
• Experience in latent print photography, including technical experience with filters, light sources, and Adobe Photoshop
• Supervisory experience with technical staff to include performance management and effective conflict resolution
• Work experience in an accredited forensic science laboratory
• Experience in forensic related teaching/training

Selected candidates must provide a DNA sample via a buccal swab (saliva sample), be fingerprinted, drug tested and pass a security background check

Applicants must apply electronically using the State of Virginia’s Recruitment Management System (RMS) by December 19, 2017. The RMS can be accessed using the link: Contact Julie Smith at (804)588-4053 for assistance.