2018 Potomac Regional Symposium

Potomac Regional Symposium on Forensic DNA Analysis

Roanoke, Virginia                April 25-27, 2018

Register for the Symposium The 3rd Annual Potomac Regional Symposium on Forensic DNA Analysis will be held at the Virginia Department of Forensic Science Laboratory in Roanoke, VA on April 26 and 27.*

More information regarding specific topics and the agenda will be released as the event approaches. Click here to see the agenda from the 2nd annual meeting as an example.

To register for the Symposium ($100 registration fee); please follow the link to the left. Deadline for registration is April 1st.

Book Your Hotel Room

(Deadline, March 27th)

A special rate has been secured of $93/night at the Sheraton Roanoke Hotel and Conference Center for attendees. Please book your room by March 27th using the link to the left.

*For information regarding April 25th, please select “Register for the Symposium” or contact us for details.


Please contact Lori Seman (Lori.Seman@dfs.virginia.gov, Phone: (804) 588-4176) or Lashanda Oglesby (Lashanda.Oglesby@dfs.virginia.gov, Phone: (757) 355-5984)