Scientific Advisory Committee

  • Randall E. Beaty – Term: ending 6/30/2022
    Member of the International Association for Chemical Testing  
  • Maureen C. Bottrell (Vice-Chair) – Term: ending 6/30/2022
    Trace Evidence Scientist
  • Kathleen Corrado, Ph.D. – Term: ending 6/30/2021
    Member of the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors
  • Robin W. Cotton, Ph.D. – Term: ending 6/30/2021
    Molecular Biologist
  • Les E. Edinboro, Ph.D. — Term: ending 6/30/2023
    Director of a private or federal forensic laboratory located in the Commonwealth
  • Linda C. Jackson – Term: period in office or employment
    Director of the Department of Forensic Science
  • Marc A. LeBeau, Ph.D. – Term: ending 6/30/2022
    Toxicologist certified by the American Board of Forensic Toxicologists
  • George C. Maha, Ph.D. – Term: ending 6/30/2023
    Population Geneticist
  • Richard P. Meyers (Chair) – Term: ending 6/30/2022
    Forensic Chemist
  • Kristin Schelling – Term: ending 6/30/2023
    Forensic Biologist
  • Travis Y. Spinder – Term: ending 6/30/2021
    Member of the Board of the Association of Firearms and Toolmark Examiners
  • Jami J. St. Clair  – Term: ending 6/30/2023
    Scientist or other person with education, training or experience in laboratory standards or quality assurance regulation and monitoring
  • Kenneth B. Zercie – Term: ending 6/30/2023
    Member of the Board of the International Association for Identification