DFS Policy Notices

DFS Policy Notices

The Department of Forensic Science periodically disseminates policy notifications to all agencies served. Such notifications can be found below.

Policy Notices 

DFS Policy Change – Administrative Sampling Plan for NIBIN Searches – October 15, 2018

Notice of DFS Temporary Closure – September 11, 2018

DFS Revised – Expanded NIBIN Search Areas, Changes to Toolmark and Distance Determination Submission Policies – April 2, 2018

DFS Revised Controlled Substances Submission and Weighing Policies – December 1, 2017

DFS Policy Notice – “Trace” DNA Submission Policy Revised – June 9, 2017

Notes: “Trace” DNA was previously referred to as “Touch” DNA. All other DNA submission policies remain unchanged, but are restated in this Notice for convenience.

DFS Policy Notice – Triaging of Physical Evidence Recovery Kit (PERK) Testing to Expedite Analysis – March 29, 2017

DFS Policy Change – New DUI Law and Corresponding Revisions to Process for Handling Blood Samples in Search Warrant DUI Cases – March 16, 2017

Revisions to Collection Time Periods for Physical Evidence Recovery Kit (PERK) Samples – effective September 16, 2016

DFS Policy Change – Revised Reporting Practices for Previously Unidentified Latent Prints with Subsequent Potential Identification through AFIS – effective June 15, 2016

DFS Policy Change – DUI/DUID Testing Protocol for Blood Samples in Implied Consent Cases – effective May 31, 2016

DFS Policy Change – NIBIN Association Reporting – effective July 9, 2015

Service Restoration Notices 

Restoration of Trace Evidence Services in Explosives and Primer Residue (Gun Shot Residue) – effective July 1, 2016

Restoration of Video Analysis Services – effective June 23, 2015

Service Reduction Notices 

Elimination of Questioned Documents Services – effective October 14, 2016

Reduction of Trace Evidence Services – effective November 5, 2014 (services partially restored on July 1, 2016)

Reduction of Forensic Photography Services – effective November 4, 2014

Reduction of Digital and Multimedia Evidence Services – effective November 4, 2014 (services partially restored on June 23, 2015)

Evidence Submission Policies

Submission Policy for Plant Material in Simple Possession of Marijuana Cases – effective January 1, 2015


Submission Policy for Safe Packaging of Syringes – effective April 17, 2013

Submission Policy for Familial DNA Searching – effective March 9, 2011

Submission Policy for Drug Residues – effective July 1, 2005